Call for Entries!

The 2021 Gem Awards are going all-digital this year.

Enter this year’s Gem Awards and find out how your creative work stacks up against Eastern Idaho’s best.

To address current health concerns, we’re switching things up to be more socially distant. All entries will be submitted via email and download links – no envelopes and jump drives this year.

Deadline for entry is 5  p.m. Feb. 5. If you want to save some cash and hit the early-bird deadline, it’s 5 p.m. Jan. 22. Winners will advance to the Idaho Ad Fed’s Rockies Awards in Boise, and are eligible to go as far as the national Addy awards if they win successive levels of competition.

Students, follow the same entry procedures as professionals, but be sure to note that you’re a student in your entry email message.

If you have questions, email Gem Awards Director,

But first, click the links below to view and download the entry materials. After you’ve sent your entries, hit the payment link below to pay with a Paypal account, or email Steve to arrange payment via credit card or check. And good luck!

2021 Gems Submission Guidelines

2021 Gems Rules and Categories

2021 Gem Entry Data Sheet (This is an XL document, with one sample entry filled in.)

2021 IF Ad Fed Membership Form

2021 Gems Payment Worksheet

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